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Is it time you installed a ceiling fan?
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Is it time you installed a ceiling fan?
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Is it time you installed a ceiling fan?

Have you noticed warmer weather creeping up on us? Well if you are considering installing a ceiling fan, now is the time to do it! There are a range of benefits to their installation:

  • Stay cool this summer – a ceiling fan can lower a room temperature by over 5 degrees
  • Keep your doors and windows open more days this Summer
  • Installing one in a dining room or kitchen can help deter flying insects
  • Save on your power bill by choosing ceiling fans over an air conditioner
  • Todays fans have improved motors, blade design, controls and reduced weight making them an attractive feature of a room
  • Save on bills by only using a ceiling fan while someone is in the room
  • Environmentally friendly – air conditioners produce huge quantities of greenhouse gases, choosing a fan over an aircon will help lower your carbon footprint

But fans don’t only have a use during the warmer parts of the year… Did you know you can use your fan all year round? Use your fan to maximize your heaters ffectiveness during the colder months! Reversing the direction of the fan pushes warm air near the ceiling down to heat the rest of the room.

A fan is an investment you will benefit from all year long. So keep your family cool this Summer and SAVE on your electricity bill.

Enquire today about ceiling fan installation with Omega on 1300 558 730. Our friendly customer service team are waiting to take your call.

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