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DIY Shower Clearing with this One Surprising Trick
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DIY Shower Clearing with this One Surprising Trick
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DIY Shower Clearing with this One Surprising Trick

DIY Shower and Floor Drain Clearing

When your drains aren’t flowing as fast as they should, things don’t have to get expensive. If it is something simple like hair clogging your drain, you shouldn’t have to fork out the big bucks for a professional plumber.

Shower Drain Clearing Tips

  • If you suspect it is hair causing problems in your shower try pouring a hair removal product, such as Nair, down your drain. It should dissolve the hair within 30 minutes and have water flowing smoothly down your drains once more!
  • Baking Soda and Vinegar work as an alternative to a hair removal product.
  • If neither of these solutions work, the problem may be more serious and require the attention of a qualified plumber.

Floor Drain Clearing

  • Wastewater, lint, sand, and grime crystallize down your drain to cause a serious blockage. If Baking Soda and Vinegar are unable to unblock your drain you will need something a little more heavy duty.
  • A plumber will likely be required to clear a blockage like this. Often they will use a Hand Auger; this uses cutting blades that move in alternate directions to slice through a blockage.

Multiple Blockages

  • If you are seeing more than one drain blocking at the same time it could be a blockage of your main sewer line.
  • A range of factors, including tree roots or a cracked pipe, can cause main sewer line blockages. These need to be dealt with by a qualified drains plumber before it turns into a sewerage nightmare.

For more information, or if you suspect a serious blockage in your drains, call Omega Service Solutions on 1300 558 730. Our team of drains specialists are waiting to assist you with any drainage issues you may be having.

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