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Rising water bill? Check faucets for leaks in these 3 ways…
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Rising water bill? Check faucets for leaks in these 3 ways…
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Rising water bill? Check faucets for leaks in these 3 ways…

Are you finding that your household usage is higher than normal? You may find that you are experiencing a faucet leak. Check for a faucet leak in these 3 locations.

Leaks from the stout

This is the most obvious and visible leak as it is when the faucet starts dripping or running. You may notice that the handle needs to be turned a little tighter each time you turn the faucet off. You can test to see if the faucet is dripping by drying the sink up after using the faucet and placing a paper towel or bowl under the stout.

If you come back later to find the paper towel wet or the bowl contains water, you may need to change the washer on the faucet to repair the leak.

Leak around the base of the faucet

This leak may be hard to identify due the excess water caused when people wash their hands. To check for a leak at the base of the faucet, you will need to start by drying up the water around the base. Then turn either both handles on or turn it in both directions for a single handle, and check to see if the water leaks around the faucet.

Leak under the sink

If you suspect you have a leak under the sink, it is best to locate it and repair it immediately before it causes any water damages. Start by removing everything from under the sink and drying it all off then run a bit of water to see where the leak is coming from- make sure you are checking from both the hot and cold sides.

These tips will help you to locate that leak and guide you in repairing your faucet. If you are having any trouble with a leaking faucet, call Omega on 1300 637 797

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